Monday, March 23, 2009

The Pendatang Joke

The Pendatang joke from Penang

(This joke, which came by email, hits home a most pertinent message about Malaysian nation-building. )

Ahmad: Hey son, who were you talking to ?
Son: My fairy godmother.

Ahmad: How many times have I told you there is no such thing as a fairy godmother ?
Son: I know but there really is a fairy godmother, Dad.
Ahmad: Okay, call her here now. I would like to talk to her.
Son: But she won’t come Dad. She said she doesn’t want to meet you.

Ahmad: Did she tell you why?
Son: She said that you are a bad man.
You betray your Chinese friends by calling them Pendatangs.
Ahmad: You saw that news on TV, didn’t you ?
Son: No, I didn’t, the fairy godmother told me.
Ahmad: Well, your fairy godmother is wrong..
She should thank me for calling the Chinese Pendatangs..
Son: Why Dad ?
Ahmad: You see son, the Chinese are actually bad people.
They come from another country and they want to chase us out of
this country.
Son: Why do they want to do that Dad?

Ahmad: Because they are greedy.
Now, you tell your fairy godmother that your Dad is right by doing what
he did. Can your fairy godmother grant you wishes ?

Son: Yes Dad, she told me so.
She even asked me to make a wish but I didn’t know what to ask for.
Ahmad: Well, ask your fairy godmother to make all these Pendatangs to
disappear and go back to their grandparents country of origin.
Okay son, time for bed. No more talking to make belief fairy godmothers ,
okay .
Good night son.

Son: Good night Dad.

*15 minutes later* (jeng jeng jeng)

Ahmad: SON, SON, where are you ? Where are you ?
Huh, there you are. I am so worried, I thought I’d never find you.
Son: Dad, where are we….. India ? Why are we here ?
I was talking to my fairy godmother on your wish and suddenly we are here
in a strange place.
Ahmad: Err, what were you talking to the fairy godmother ?
Son: *I told her, I wish all the Pendatangs would be sent back to where they
come from*.
*Is that Tun Dr Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty and
**Uncle Samy there selling roti ????
Dad, is this India ??? Badawi in China ….
Najib in Acheh rebuilding the home…..
**Khir Toyo busy tending his farm in Indonesia ….
Syed Albar and the rest of Arab SYED’s clan riding his camel in Yemen ’s
Arab desert.*

*** Indonesia population increases by 18 million while Malaysia population* shrink back to 10 million in 15 minutes !!!

Those descendants with more than 3 generation remained in Malaysia .

180 years….. 6 generations : Tun Tan Cheng Lock’s descendants.

BaLdiMeRah: Aku jawa.. so what?
BaldiBiru: Hehehehehehe..kaji sejarah dalam2..
BaldiBesi: aku rasa yang tang dari india ngan arab tu je la..yg laen still dari kepulauan melayu.
Baldipalstik:Manusia ni suma sama..dok sebuk gaduh buat suma tamak...bingai~~~

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