Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anti Zionis = Anti Israel = Anti Semitism = Masyarakat tak bertamadun

sedang aku melayari internet (ayat skema).. tetibe aku ternampak berita neh:

GENEVA — European Union countries Tuesday stepped up their opposition to Muslim attempts to shield Islam from criticism and attack Israel through a U.N. conference on racism.EU members were unusually outspoken in appearances before the U.N. Human Rights Council, saying they were worried about preparations for a global racism conference to be held next month because attention was being diverted from the real problems of racial discrimination.

"I am deeply disturbed by the turn this event is taking," Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Verhagen said.

"The thematic world conference is used by some to try to force their concept of defamation of religions and their focus on one regional conflict on all of us," Verhagen told the 47-member council. References to Israel and protection of religion in the current draft conclusion being negotiated for the so-called Durban II conference are unacceptable, Verhagen said.
nak baca lanjut klik link neh...

maka aku pon terpanggil untuk menggooglekan (bak kata en. rehan) tajuk neh :

united nations racism conference

maka kutemui link neh:

owh conference anti racism neh...

ku googlekan lagi tetiba ku temui banyak berita lain lagi

1. Canada to skip UN racism conference due to expected 'anti-Semitism'

 http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/947603.html (ni israel punya news website)

2. Italy pulls out of UN racism conference 


3. Calling UN Racism Conference Text 'Unsalvageable,' Administration Threatens a Boycott 


4. US to boycott UN racism conference 


terbenak pikiranku seketika.. ni awat nak boikot conference anti racist.. bukan deyrang sebok promote anti racist ke.. rupenye:
  • The US and Israeli delegations walked out of the 2001 meeting in protest against the resolution which likened Zionism - the movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state - to racism.
  • Tzipi Livni, the foreign minister, welcomed the decision."Under the fig leaf of combating racism, this conference is blatantly anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli," Livni said in a statement on Saturday."The decision of the United States should be an example to other countries that share our values."
  • European Union countries Tuesday stepped up their opposition to Muslim attempts to shield Islam from criticism and attack Israel through a U.N. conference on racism.
  • Italy said thursday it is pulling out of a U.N conference on racism the latest blow to a meeting seen by many western governments as marred by Muslim attempts to attacks Israel shield Islam from critism.

maka kesimpulan yang aku terima:

"Yeah, well, we learn today that the Obama administration has recognized that indeed, the racism conference is an exercise in Israel-bashing, and not worth attending."

okeh.. anti israel adalah anti semitism dan orang Islam yang x bertamadun saja yang anti dengan Israel. Barat yang bertamadun tidak anti Israel. Maka tidak berguna dan buang masa sahaja untuk mereka negara - negara yang maju dan paling bertamadun di dunia untuk menyertai conference ini.

Baldimerah: Hindraf, Karpal Singh, Anak Karpal Singh, Adun DAP Johor, bekas exco kedah, N. Sivakumar, Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu, Hishamuddin TH, KJ Maju..tak nak join ke conference neh. Anti racist tu....

Baldibiru: Owh dunia~~!!

Baldibesi: tapi alasan pemimpin barat pon logik juga. depa x mau conference ni jadi berat sebelah. 

Baldiplastik: emosi atau retorik? sapa minat pi baca suma link tuh..sebelom dok demo x tentu hala.

Baldi berinsulasi tinggi: aku jual ikan

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