Saturday, May 07, 2011

Taxi owh taxi

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Just to share my experience this evening...

I was stuck in a bad traffic jam somewhere in KL around 4.30 p.m. To avoid stress, listened to Noticed that on the other side of the street, two western girls (tourist I guess) waited for a taxi. Not long, one taxi stopped (driven by Indian) and observed that the driver was negotiating (maybe on the price). Suddenly, one taxi stopped infront of the first taxi (driven by Chinese) and came out of his car asked the two girls to come to his taxi. The said two girls looked rather confuse. Then the driver of the first taxi came out of his car pointed his hand up in the air (sign language indicating why bother his potential passengers). They get into business argument. Out of the blue, a third taxi (driven by Malay) stopped and suddenly the two girls just get into that third taxi zooming away. The two argued taxi drivers just stand there (dumb-struck and bewildered, I guess). It was an interesting situation during that material time and observed that the argued two taxi drivers was blaming at each other.

I guess that sort of scene occurs daily in the street of KL.... really a competition and just like in other business as well.....

My unlearned analysis as below :-

1. First taxi driver - noted that as their nature (talking too much), keep on negotiating but never conclude the deal.
2. Second taxi driver - noted that as their nature (rather aggressive like coming out of his car), you scare your client.
3. Third taxi driver - noted that as their behaviour, just wait for opportunity, clinched the deal not neccesarily the correct way hehehe...

Dori Sarbini

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