Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ex's Revenge :: Think twice before cheating!!!

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Begin forwarded message:


  • Wife auctioned her husbands lovers panty and a used condom on Ebay

  • To be wife found the pictures of her fiancee embracing, kissing and even fondling the boobs of another women which she found while checking his FACEBOOK profile, just a week before her marriage. So as a payback she took the photos and printed it and pasted it all over.

  • A man, after thinking his wife is cheating on him, auctioned his wife with bid starting at 0.01 pound. The man thought she was cheating on him with his so called best friend. Later she filed a lawsuit for sexual harrassment against her husband.

  • Wife sold her husbands stuffs in front of her house after knowing that he was cheating on him. She even wrote "CHEATING HUSBAND" in his boat so everybody could know.

  • A husband sold all 200 naked pictures of his cheating wife. All the pictures were sold just under 24 hours.

  • When a girl found out her boyfriend cheating on her she tool a bucket of paint and splattered it all over his car.

  •  Ok this one is my favorite, "My Indipendence Day - Divorce sale". This women caught her husband cheating so she took a divorce and sold all his stuffs. And those which weren't sold were burnt.

Thats it!!! hope you won't cheat after seeing this stuff (or make a better plan before cheating).


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