Sunday, December 23, 2007


On Spring 2007, King Abudllah II of Jordan came to Congress to address his concerns over the Middle East. Once he was finished he said “asalamwalaikum” (peace be upon you), and out of nowhere there was a voice that yelled “walaikumasalam” (and peace be upon you). The entire Congress became dead silent. The voice, Keith Ellison, is the first Muslim in the United States Congress. As the rest of the chamber stared at him, he simply played it off.

This is a cool story, but I like making blog posts that have some sort of meaning to them because I’m not famous enough to talk about my day and have people want to read it. Lets highlight on some things Ellison has said done:

1.Became the first Muslim Congressman.
2.Became the first Black Congressman from Minnesota (thats two firsts)
3.Became the first man to use a Quran (Thomas Jefferson’s Quran too) to swear into office (thats three)
4.Became the first man to be involved in an Islamic exchange (thats four firsts!)
5.Remained cool under pressure when people like Glenn Beck asked “prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.”
6.Still used the Quran to swear into office amid pressure in Congress by many Congressman, particularly Virgil Goode.

Lets see what he has SAID about about Islam:
I am “
not qualified to represent a world religion.


Ila Ramli said...

akhirnya ko dh berkarya balik dlm blog ko... bagus laaa heh...
tak sangka ko suka celoteh ilmiah gini heheh... betu laaa org kata 'dont judge a book by its cover' :)

aku lak lagi hampeh... aku pernah ad blog kt blogspot nih.. tp at one time aku rasa blog aku tu takde ape yg best.. terus aku padam semuanya...heh


"dont judge a book by its cover" sebab mata selalu menipu. hahahaha abang raya balik kampung tak?